Psycho Winter Blues

  • Nice!!! Midwinter in Michigan. Hmmmm… What to do? The time is now 3:35 pm and it will be getting dark soon. There’s a fresh blanket of snow outside. I can hear snow blowers. Scanning through the channels and looking for something to watch. Ah, the Dahmer Files. Well that seems to be a nice family friendly show. As I take a bite of my chocolate cheese cake, I wonder just how many people have severed heads and other body parts in their refrigerators. For some reason my thoughts change to chickens. Oh yes, yes, that is why, chickens are cannibalistic creatures. I remember that because I once knew a man who had chickens and I fed them chicken McNuggets. I really don’t think they could tell that they Had been eating their own kind. Anyway, I begin to think about the animal kingdom and just how many of them do become cannibalistic.  Why is it such a surprise that one human would eat another? Maybe it is because we humans hold our own lives higher than any other on the planet. At this point I begin to contemplate what I would do if I was in some crazy situation and had no choice but to eat my dead friend next to me due to my own survival instinct. Would I? Could I? Could I really hack a chunk of flesh from say, a thigh or a calf muscle? You bet I could and would but that is a hypothetical survival situation. Not that I would be thawing a nice human rump roast in my kitchen. I just ate 3 slices of cheese cake for Christs sake. It does not shock me that people do such things. As the world population grows out of control, the statistics of what they do can only follow. I look around the house now, thinking about my objects. These random items and the atoms that they are made of. The energy of every single thing that surrounds me just amazes me so. I can’t help but think about when the collapse of society might happen. What will we do without all the things that we have become accustomed to? These random comforts that we believe are necessities.  When I am hungry, I go eat. If there are no grocery stores, where is one to find food? Of course a quick plan of action is to loot all the stores immediately but how long before they are empty? Not long because in America at least, we have that more, bigger and better mentality. Really, it wouldn’t be long before we began to rob and kill each other for whatever was needed to survive. Hence the new age dawns for the “preppers”. Now I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with building a bomb shelter and packing it full in case the shit hits the fan. Jeffrey Dahmer was just trying to create a zombie sex slave. Makes me wonder what he would have done if he was a brilliant scientist who wielded a government grant. Oh that’s right, silly me, he would have had the proper tools to actually succeed. Humans have been doing crazy and unspeakable things to each other since the dawn of man. Why are we always so perplexed in disbelief when we discover new craziness then? What amazes me is that all to often comment, “I would have never guessed. He was just an ordinary guy. Nothing special about him. He didn’t have many friends”… Yadda Yadda Yadda. Damn, Is there anymore cheesecake?images-1

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