Why I am here

My reality is just what it says. It's reality as I live it with bipolar disorder, anxiety, P.T.S.D. and crippling depression. I am willing to talk to anyone about mental illness. I'm not here to raise awareness. I am hoping to raise spirits, smiles, laughter and maybe a lil hell along the way. I am [...]


Cut down Vs. Redirected

So, I used to be a professional residential painter. I worked hard and earned decent money. For a long time I felt strong even with the bipolar. Life has always been tough for me but I ploughed through...until I didn't. My past had brought many cycles of mania and depression. I just thought, if I [...]

Take a stab at it

"Take a stab at it" "Get back on that horse" "You've got nothing to lose" That would be amazing. A worthy goal for the future. Right now however, I am deep down active in my disease. So for right now, my progress is paused. My plans put on hold. My life will exist in limbo [...]