Take a stab at it

“Take a stab at it”

“Get back on that horse”

“You’ve got nothing to lose”

That would be amazing. A worthy goal for the future. Right now however, I am deep down active in my disease. So for right now, my progress is paused. My plans put on hold. My life will exist in limbo for a while. Of all the things I hate about bipolar disorder, it’s the time thief that I despise the most. He creeps up and opens the basement door without warning and the demon gets free. They proceed to steel moments, minutes, hours, weeks or years from me. Time spent in depression is wasted life to me and it hurts. It rapes a part of my soul each time. I will never get those moments back. Time steeling son of a bitch!

“Take a stab at it”

“Get back on that horse”

That’s my goal but not right now. Right now I am physically stuck, immovable even. Every moment being wasted but not forever…


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