Fine is Fleeting

This is an odd day for me. I actually feel fine. In any given month, there are only about 7-10 days that this happens and they don’t usually happen together because I have medical issues along with my mental ones. I can’t help but to feel a little fear because this “Fine” that I feel might not be there when I wake tomorrow. My first reaction is to try to get some things done, important things, normal things. Then I must stop myself and think very hard as I don’t know how long this feeling will last. I choose to take some of this day to be grateful. I am grateful just to feel balance in my head and no pain and sickness in my body. Grateful to be able to have a cohesive thought process in my head. It’s amazing! No craziness right now. Days like this are so few and far between lately. I don’t want to lose this. This is the real me and it’s wonderful. So grateful to those who stand by me and root for me on a daily basis! These are the days worth fighting for. It’s an amazing feeling to just be alright and I do not take it for granted. No matter how hard my struggle is, I know it could be worse. My fine may be a fleeting thing but right now it is everything!


2 thoughts on “Fine is Fleeting

  1. I’m happy you are feeling well today. Please savor every minute and try not to think about it ending. Good days and bad days are inevitable, but the aim is to make the good days seem longer even if the total real hours are fewer.

    I’ve had some terrible years in the past, but more recent ones have been much better on the whole. I am glad that my memory for pain has become shorter than my memory for pleasure.

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