Thoughts from Mordor

Over the years I have been exploring a theory in my mind about the human species. It’s about our breeds. I call them breeds because I don’t know what else to call them. Anyway, I have been wondering if there are different breeds of humans like there are different breeds of animals. Reason being is that it would explain so much to me about differences in our brains. Like maybe some of these mental disorders are just traits of different breeds. Maybe the reason our lives get unmanageable is because the world hasn’t figured out that we have different needs. Maybe instead of it being a bad thing or an illness, it is just a difference. Maybe this is just me wanting so badly to find any answer that makes me feel BETTER! Either way, it is interesting. We couldn’t expect a polar bear thrive in the same environment that a panda does.

I suppose a big part of me hates the labels, stigmas and negativity that come along with bipolar. Maybe being different is not a bad thing. Maybe I don’t have to let myself feel inadequate or less than human anymore. Everyone is different. We all have different abilities. It’s hard to live with the rift between my world and the “rest” of society. I feel like I am from a whole different dimension most times. I also feel like I am not living a truly happy life. This needs to change. I can’t blame the masses for their “separate” thinking. After all, people tend to fear what they don’t understand. There is another part of me that refuses to believe that I am a mistake or defective. To suffer and struggle is normal but to live in constant misery is not.

So maybe, just maybe, we need to think about all the different people that don’t fit into society’s little boxes. Maybe we can go a step further and think about how to make our environments better for us. For all I know this could be evolution and maybe the world isn’t ready, I know I wasn’t…


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