Time and the unfair part of it

What can I say about dead friends? People I once loved and held in high regard... People I still do hold high... Tormented souls most of them. Pain, sorrow, regret, longing just to say another word. Who would go first? What would it be like? Promises of contact beyond the grave that never came. When [...]


Thoughts from Mordor

Over the years I have been exploring a theory in my mind about the human species. It's about our breeds. I call them breeds because I don't know what else to call them. Anyway, I have been wondering if there are different breeds of humans like there are different breeds of animals. Reason being is [...]

The Honor is Mine

Ya know, I've been reading a lot of blog posts and commenting a lot lately. I love your stories. I love your honesty! I also read a lot from the other side of those who believe our mental illness is not real. I read about family members dealing with people like us, calling us psychos [...]

I’m Just Like You Kid

This morning my middle bipolar son called me in a panic. He totally broke down in tears on the phone. He is having issues with his girlfriend while trying to perform his duties at work. Crisis has taken over and crippled him at this point. So, I muster up all the Motherly advice that I [...]

Fine is Fleeting

This is an odd day for me. I actually feel fine. In any given month, there are only about 7-10 days that this happens and they don't usually happen together because I have medical issues along with my mental ones. I can't help but to feel a little fear because this "Fine" that I feel [...]

Why I am here

My reality is just what it says. It's reality as I live it with bipolar disorder, anxiety, P.T.S.D. and crippling depression. I am willing to talk to anyone about mental illness. I'm not here to raise awareness. I am hoping to raise spirits, smiles, laughter and maybe a lil hell along the way. I am [...]

Cut down Vs. Redirected

So, I used to be a professional residential painter. I worked hard and earned decent money. For a long time I felt strong even with the bipolar. Life has always been tough for me but I ploughed through...until I didn't. My past had brought many cycles of mania and depression. I just thought, if I [...]

Take a stab at it

"Take a stab at it" "Get back on that horse" "You've got nothing to lose" That would be amazing. A worthy goal for the future. Right now however, I am deep down active in my disease. So for right now, my progress is paused. My plans put on hold. My life will exist in limbo [...]

Psycho Winter Blues

Nice!!! Midwinter in Michigan. Hmmmm... What to do? The time is now 3:35 pm and it will be getting dark soon. There's a fresh blanket of snow outside. I can hear snow blowers. Scanning through the channels and looking for something to watch. Ah, the Dahmer Files. Well that seems to be a nice family [...]