The Honor is Mine

Ya know, I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts and commenting a lot lately. I love your stories. I love your honesty! I also read a lot from the other side of those who believe our mental illness is not real. I read about family members dealing with people like us, calling us psychos and what not and all the negative things. Ok. That’s all good. I like to see both sides of all things. I can’t say that it’s easy to deal with me for a loved one. I’ve gone and basically removed myself from society so other people won’t have to deal with me. That’s my shit though.

I go back and forth with hating my illness. Sometimes it’s downright hell. I hate it. It is ruining my life. It’s too overwhelming. But then I see how amazing I can be. How deep I can love. How accepting I can be of others. I read on in utter aweness with many of you! Your fears, feelings an experiences light my way. No joke. Was strong people you are!!!

I am grateful to all of you. We come from all walks of life and our struggles are equally important. I crave for elusive balance in my life but if I never find it, then I don’t find it. I can see that I belong to an elite group of beautiful souls.

Thank you all!

The Honor is Mine!!!

Burnt s’mores all around! Cheers!


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